The idea of Kokoro Collective came to me while sitting in the Barbican café in London in January 2016, while going through a very difficult time in my life. While a part of me just desperately wanted to find solutions to my personal problems, it was the personal crisis that also opened up my heart just enough to allow my deepest longings to emerge. From a very young age I always knew that I would like to inspire people to live their lives as fully and wholeheartedly as possible. I never had a clue how to translate that into a job title or a career. I have simply tried to live as true to myself as possible. I have often stumbled and been distracted from this vision and I don’t consider myself to be qualified in any expert sense, but the calling to be of service to others became stronger and stronger as I approached the age of 40. What I did have, is the skills and ability to create a website and platform to share my personal stories of struggle and inspiration with friends, that could grow and become a larger community. I trusted that the vision would evolve naturally and that at some point this could become a collective in a truer sense of the word.

I truly believe that inspiring each other, just by being true to our selves and living wholeheartedly is possibly one of the most empowering and powerful things we can do to transform this world. We don’t need to be celebrities, politicians or thought leaders to influence people. In fact I really don’t believe in trying to influence others at all, it feels far too much like dogma to me. When we are true to ourselves, live wholeheartedly and act with courage, we automatically create an environment that allows those immediately around us to do the same. We are literally walking candles lighting the way for each other. It’s not about doing the same things as each other, but by finding our own uniqueness, defining our own values and celebrating it all. It is also respecting when others are not on the same journey as us. First and foremost, living wholeheartedly serves to help us lead fulfilling lives. If it has a positive impact on others then great.

I do believe in the importance of social responsibility and change and we do not shy away from such topics, but you will see that underpinning everything is wholeheartedness – and even more simpler than that – the heart.

After several evolutions, Kokoro Collective was relaunched in January 2020 with a clear mission. We are still in our early days and have a long journey ahead of us, but we welcome you to join our community, by joining our newsletter, and being part of it as we grow and evolve.



  1. To inspire & encourage you to live wholeheartedly, honestly, authentically and true to yourself.
  2. To create spaces & opportunities for the Kokoro Collective community to be able to meet, communicate, share personal stories and ideas, to listen to and inspire one another.
  3. To put all profit towards fulfilling this mission and supporting philanthropic and/or charitable causes that fit our values.


Thank you for being part of our journey. If all you do after reading this is be reminded to be true to yourself today, then we will have already accomplished one of our missions.


With love,

Christine Wehrmeier x

Founder & Editor of Kokoro Collective.